Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ice Cream For Socials

Today has been one of the most dragged-out days of my life. That is to say, I did enjoy it, but it has been a test of my endurance. As of this moment, I have been awake for basically 19 hours! My morning started when we were rushing to get to the shuttle at 4 in the morning. Which did not really happen, seeing as rushing is virtually impossible when you are half asleep. We DID make it to Ithaca, after two pretty non-eventful flights.

It finally struck me as we were boarding the shuttle to Ithaca from Syracuse what journey I was about to undertake. So far, I still found it hard to believe that I was going to attend Summer College at Cornell University for three whole weeks. Driving on to campus was like a dream, aided by the fact that it is the most beautiful campus I have ever set eyes on. The hills remind me of home sweet California, but because of the rain they are more green than any landscape I have ever seen- other than Portland.

My roomate thankfully is really nice and I look forward to spending more time with her and getting to know her and her Long Island accent. One of the best aspects of the program is the prospect of making so many friends, which I have been taking advantage of. Summer College hosted an ice cream social that was a great opportunity to meet "hella" people. They loved our Californian slang. So far, I have met international students from, but not limited to, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Liberia, and Wisconsin.

I was really impressed Professor Kramnick, and am eagerly looking forward to his course and learning about Freedom, Justice, and Equality. This opportunity will truly be a life-changing experience.

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