Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Has Your Fingerprint?

Today our lecture was a continuation of yesterdays, only this time it was the feminists point of view, thus a better/less frustrating lecture for me. I was impressed with the three feminist writers we talked about today, but I think I was most impressed with Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill. I must say that I admire Wollstonecraft even more than Mill just because she came from an abusive, drunk father and was strong enough to argue and critique men such as Rousseau. Although I do applaud Mill for being a man and still believing that women should not be subordinate, and should not stand for just being an object for men. I just cannot see how men believe themselves to be so superior, or how they can think women are just things to be married to and nothing more. But I also must say I cannot believe women put up with that. I would almost say I am ashamed that women haven’t always been fighting for their rights, that they haven’t always thought it was wrong that men thought they could just call them inferior and demand the women to make him a sandwich and she would willing do it. I just don’t see why women were too scared to stand up for themselves. In all honesty women were just prove the point made by all the men who said women were dependent. So thank you, Wollstonecraft, Mill, deGougse and the American women’s right movement leaders for giving me the rights I have today.

After lunch today, since it is a Thursday, we had a guest lecturer. Today we learned about a case here in upstate New York where a forensic police officer was convicted of placing fingerprints at crime scenes to convict suspects. I was just in shock that officers would honestly do thing. I mean I guess I wasn’t in that much shock since I watch almost every crime show there is on TV, but I do, though my parents may not believe this, know the difference between TV and reality. I am not a huge fan of the police; I do believe that there are many officers that are on an ego trip and thus have not regard for the job they are suppose to do, but I also believe that there are very good cops out there doing a great job. I guess I was just in shock that they got away with this. The officers Mr. Roth convicted had commit over 35 crimes in which they had placed someone’s fingerprint at the scene. I could not believe that. How on earth did they get away with that? How did no one see what was going wrong and step in to end it? Way to go justice system.

Well I am off to the gym. Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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