Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reporting for Duty

Today's focus was on learning the additional things required to submit a successful report with more information on using Excel and how to compare and analyze data with your own hotel and other competitors.

The main attraction of the day was having the opportunity to eat lunch with Reneta and Mark McCarthy, our professors. They have an excellent and amusing rapport with each other, and it still continued to show during our lunch! We learned more about why they went to Cornell and how they decided to participate in the hotel school.

And so while we learned about how they got into school when they attended, we also attended a meeting on how students today can get into Cornell. While a lot that is normally discussed during college tours and our admission officer dinners were explained, we were passed out handouts of the university's actual application which was fascinating as I have never seen a college application before.

And while many students are beginning to wind down for their final full weekend at Cornell, the Hotelies and I have been fiercely working on our report due tomorrow. While it can sometimes be difficult to get and interpret the data you need, there are many times when it just gets to my head and clicks like it's simply second-nature.

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