Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bunnies Galore!

Okay, a quick note before I even begin. I do realize little fuzzy rabbits are not the most important event of the day, and there were quite a few other things worth mentioning which I will in turn, I just thought that it would be a nice thing to share and attention-grabbing. I mean, do we have wild rabbits running amok in California? Not where I'm from. Here, it is the oddest sight when studying on the lawn to see a little bunny hopping by as if it were perfectly natural. (None of them would let me take a picture of them however.)

Back to business. Today in class we had more lectures and discussions on womens' rights, and then an intruiging guest speaker who actually had a little "hands on" experiment to show us. Because he was discussing a big scandal in New York where alot of finerprint evidence for important cases was frabicated, he showed us how to take a fingerprint off of a soda can, and how it is insufficient evidence in a court at many times contrary to common conviction.

After class, I got to see a family friend who works at Cornell teaching in the Anthropology and many other departments; Kath March, who is actually an expert on Nepal and a large part of Dalai Lama visits to the US. It was great talking with her, especially on getting more advice on what to do in Ithaca our last weekend and reccommendations on the best food places and such.

Actually, because we loved the beauty you can see below and swimming of Buttermilk Falls so much, we were thinking of going again this weekend! Hopefully the weather will get better again; it's been raining.

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