Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Stress, No Stress, No Stress

This is my friend Elin Anwar and I, smiling for the camera, even though we practically died trying to figure out how to make our Excel charts and what to make them on. We finally figured it out though and now I have to write a report that goes along with the charts. The report is an analysis of our CHESS virtual hotel. We were instructed to "analyze the market, segment your customers (and discuss each segments' specific needs, behaviors, and willingness to pay), and discuss your hotel's performance." To do that, we are supposed to discuss our hotel's
  • average daily rates
  • occupancy percent
  • revenue per available room
  • business mix
  • department income by week
  • variable costs as a percent of ADR by source of trade
  • fixed costs, and whether they are appropriate
The neatness of this little bullet list is really deceiving. The basic instruction list for this assignment is one entire page, front and back. I don't know how I'm going to write this. This is difficult, and I am beginning to stress but just being at Cornell makes it so hard. :)

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