Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Great Day

I woke up before my alarm again. It was set for 6:00 am and just like yesterday, I woke up half an hour early. I have been waking up before my alarm every morning for a while now. I'm probably just too excited for the day to start. :) This morning, I got ready, checked my email and went downstairs to wait for Jobel, and our friends Dylan and Harley. I got to the Mary Donlon lounge early, so I read about discounting methods in the hotel industry until they arrived. Then we walked to CollegeTown Bagels for breakfast.

We are all so smiley at CollegeTown Bagels!

My breakfast: hummus sandwich and coconut aloe juice.

On the way there, we were greeted with some funny chalk messages that were written on the sidewalk:

"We put the 'hot' in hotel."

"Hotelie Swag District"

"Hotelies someday you will sleep with us. <3"
(Referring to our late sleeping patterns due to a rigorous workload.)

"Smile you'r[e] in hotelie country Population.. AWESOME"

While walking to CollegeTown Bagels, we crossed a bridge over this beautiful sight.

On an academic note, I have finished my third template! Third template down!

I have now created three personalized templates on Microsoft Word- one for business memos, one for business letters, and one for long reports. The one we made today, the long report template, was by far the most difficult because of the different page number formatting for odd and even pages and because of the Table of Contents, but it was also the most fun to finish. Just like my Starwood group presentation, this report template made me feel accomplished after it was finished.

Incidentally, Jobel, Kelly, Kevin and I met up with Cornell Summer College Associate Director Janna Bugliosi today after class. We chatted about what we had been learning in class, what we did in the free time we managed to snatch, and what we thought about Cornell dining hall food. Basically, she checked in with us about our overall experience here and asked for suggestions for the Summer College organizers. She asked us questions like "Were all of the online applications straight-forward?" and "If you could redo this entire process, and you knew how rigorous this class would be, would you still have chosen it?" All of us agreed that the applications were straightforward enough. Likewise, the answer to the second question was also a unanimous "yes."

Janna also asked us about our plans after Summer College and about our plans to spread the word about Summer College back in WCCUSD. She also told us that if we ever needed anything, we could just show up at her office to talk. Even though we already have Ms. Neal and Mark and Reneta to talk to, I found it was still very nice and reassuring to know that yet another adult figure on campus was there for us just in case we wanted to talk. It made me feel very warm and before we left, we all promised to go see Janna at least once more before graduation from Summer College.

Another great day today. I am willing to be that I will wake up early tomorrow again.


  1. CTB gives pickles?! I love pickles! (even if their level of preservatives are a potential carcinogen)
    Hotelie Swag.

  2. Coconut aloe juice???? Wow...I hadn't thought of that combination.