Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

But do not fret- my pre-lim went wonderfully! It's just that this morning was one large nightmare, that happened to be from the moment I woke up. Trying to sleep in as long as possible to get as much rest as I could before the test, I was still in bed as the fire alarm went off. Hurtling to my feet in a dazed craze, I rushed outside with the rest of the girls on my floor to a patch of grass outside the dorm. Other victims of this ill-timed drill had it worse than being half asleep however. One boy had just started his shower and was left with nothing to run outside in other than a towel around his waist.

The problem here was that I had a very limited time to get to class- a very important day of class may I add, to get dressed and have breakfast, and we all had to wait on the lawn until the drill was over! Naturally, I was stressing about getting to class on time, but I did in fact make it and was more than prepared for the mid-term.

Out of the choices for essay questions, I decided to write mine on why the ruled are obliged to obey their rulers, and under what circumstances according to Plato, Aquinas, and Locke. Next, I had to identify quotes by all of the philosophers we have read so far, and explain their significance. I do not want to jinx my luck, but I am fairly confident with my performance. Well, I'll find out next week!

Now I am watching Inglourious Basterds with a group of friends in the movie room to wind down before I go to bed. I've had a long day, topped off with an hour at the gym and practicing violin for a bit, as well as completing my reading for the evening on women's rights.

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