Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Only Two More Days of Class, Everyone.

Just like at the beginning of this trip, everything happening around me right now is feeling a bit surreal. I am still waking up in the morning, grabbing breakfast with friends while simultaneously studying reading assignments, frantically taking notes in class, walking to lunch, planning future trips to visit the friends I have made here and working on group projects and papers. This is what I have been doing since Day One at Cornell.

But everything is different when you know you only have two more days left.

Class was different today because we spent three hours in a classroom we had never been in before. We switched to a larger room to accommodate some visitors who sat in on Reneta's lecture about the casino and gaming industry.

It was our first lesson about casinos, so it was very broad. We first learned about the major players in the industry like Wynn and MGM Resorts International. It was very much like our first day in class, when we learned about the major players in the hotel industry. This similarity, as you can probably imagine, made me really sad. (Again with the nostalgia...)

Anyways, just like I never expected myself to find interest in business, I never expected myself to find interest in the casino business. It still doesn't particularly appeal to me, but interesting it most certainly is.

I honestly never expected to fear leaving Cornell this much, but you have no idea how scared I am right now because I love it here. I love it.

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