Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Last Couple Marx

I think the title is clever since today was our last day on Karl Marx. Anyway there are three days until I am on a plane headed back to the best coast. So I will write 3 thinks I will truly miss about Summer College:

1. The friends I have made

2. Professor Kramnick

3. Being independent

The last one isn’t to suggest I don’t like being with my parents, but I just fond that it was really nice to be in charge of myself and completely responsible for my own actions.

Today was a good day. As my title suggests today was out last lecture on Mr. Marx and tomorrow we are going to tackle race with a discussion on MLK and Malcolm X.

Yesterday I was on the same page as Marx, but today I think he lost me. I agree that capitalism during Marx’s time was pretty awful I don’t think that communism or socialism would really work. Marx suggests that the proletariat class will revolt against and defeat the capitalist class, and that to implement a system of socialism there would have to be a temporary dictatorship and that is where he lost my support completely. I do not believe that there can be such a thing as temporary dictatorship. What is to stop that person, or people, who have all the power from keeping it? Why would they every give up that ultimate power source? I just don’t think that Marx thought it out to the best of his ability, although in his defense professor Kramnick did mention that Marx was quite sure what would happen after the proletariat class took power.

After class today Joe and I went to Uris Library to study and fix up our essays before our meeting with Janna. This is Uris and the view from where we sat, and yes right after we got in to the library and took this photo it began to rain.

It was truly a great place to study. It was super quiet and comfy.

At 3:15 P.M we had a meeting with the lovely Janna. The weather had cleared up by this time and the sun had come out to play again so we had our meeting outside. We talked about our experience with the program so far, all the activities we have done so far and how much we all love Professor Kramnick. It was a short meeting but still very nice.

Now I am rereading the MLK and Malcolm X sections to make sure I am on top of their thoughts. I am also working on the third draft of my second draft because my TA really liked my second draft of my second draft and only had a couple of suggestions. Wish me luck since this is 25% of my grade.

Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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