Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

The day opened up with a lecture on housekeeping and how it works and operates within a hotel. From what we picked up, it will in fact be one of the largest departments in a single hotel. The main goal for housekeepers are to clean rooms not to "decontaminate" everything completely, but instead to give the impression that the next guest will feel like they are the only person to have ever checked into the room. We also saw a few "housekeeping horrors" videos that showed popular videos of bad hotel publicity. In one instance, housekeepers would not change the glasses found in hotel rooms and would simply rinse them in the bathroom sink. In fact, they would use the same gloves and clothes to clean the glasses as they did to clean the rest of the bathroom! While it should be a good measure to think in a hotel that you should be careful of what you are using, the main argument critics point out is that everyone is entitled to a "clean room."

During lunch and in the afternoon, tours of the Statler Hotel were being offered, and I took the opportunity up. We looked at a few hotel rooms and the contemporary design of each of them are amazing! With a scheme of gray and red, there is a simplistic yet systematic feel with the room. And I will admit that it was definitely nice to see a room like that after being in a dorm for three weeks! We were also able to see a lot of the "behind-the-scene" stuff going on in the hotel including service elevators, banquet kitchens, and linen laundry.

The next lecture of the day was held downstairs and was also being offered to Microeconomics students in the school. Titled "Introduction to Casinos," I absolutely fell in love with it from the start. I have always been a huge fan of Las Vegas. While I may not exactly be old enough to gamble, I absolutely adore the extravagance and the intricacy that are the casino resorts. It was absolutely fun to see a few documentary videos on the subject as I can eat up any second of Las Vegas I could find. But the lecture wasn't completely surrounded by the desert town as we touched upon bases regarding the fact that Atlantic City is the second-highest gaming market in America and that Macau has exceeded Las Vegas as being the largest gaming market. But as Reneta stressed, you can't help but think about casinos when you think of Vegas.

It's like what they say.
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

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