Friday, July 1, 2011

It's the Weekend!

Friday arrived on a cheerful note in the basement. After Genevieve's midnight laundromat birthday surprise, things went south as I attempted to rough out the early hours working on various projects. The first day this week I was supposed to sleep in was not what I had anticipated.

The next surprise came after yet another day in class (yes, after an arduous first week, it has become "yet another day"). Chocolate and Oregon blackberry cheesecake ice cream birthday cake that we ordered was the bomb. Having to return to class for another 3 hours afterwards while everyone else was done with the day at noon was a challenge. But, there were business memos and PowerPoint templates that were not going to create themselves.

Free at last in the evening, we enjoyed a nice stroll through the Commons. I had New York pizza for the first time and we explored the various little eateries and shops lining the avenue. The red-brick Commons lit by foliage-filtered sunlight in the late afternoon is a beautiful sight. Ithaca and College Town are quite quaint, and I'm so glad we finally took the opportunity to explore.

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