Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Bash

Now I’m back on the wrong kind of sleeping streak, but at least I don’t have class tomorrow! Don’t get me wrong, class has been great, but 6 hours a day for the same class does get pretty intense. 

Anyway, back to my lack of sleep, last night at midnight Genevieve turned 16! We all had a nice little surprise party of sorts in the laundry room, so I didn’t get to go to sleep until around 2.

We had a relatively relaxed day in Freedom and Justice where our class consisted only of lecture and discussion, so we were actually done with class by noon. I took advantage of this extra free time and took one of the most refreshing naps of my life, a nice two-hour relaxation session.

But back to the class, today we continued our Plato lesson, and delved deeper into his most well-known analogies, such as the ship (in which all sailors believe they have enough education to properly steer the ship, but really only the captain does, basically an anti-democracy allegory). Another of these well-known allegories is that of the cave, a very long and complex way Plato explains the two realms of reality. The one realm that the masses can see is the realm of things themselves, but the essence of things, the realm which philosophers can see, is the true realm. It is this realm that gives them superiority over the masses, since they can see the essence of justice and goodness.

But after those complex ideas, my brain needs to rest, and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. Nick,

    Sometimes the brain fills up and when you try to put one more idea into it your head just wants to explode.

    We can’t have that while you’re at Cornell, though. It would make the ILC look bad, there’d be lots of dry cleaning and I’m not sure our insurance covers that kind of thing.

    I suppose that if a nap and sleeping in prevents that kind of problem then that’s the direction you need to head off in.

    About those sailors, where do you fit into that scheme of things?

  2. Nick,

    And about that birthday bash--no pictures?