Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was at a loss for a creative title, this does not; however, mean my day was not creative or interesting. In fact my day today was extremely interesting.

Lecture today was about Augustine and Aquinas and their theories on political, naturally since it is a political thought or theory course; however I had never, before this course, heard of either of those men in my life so for me reading about them and hearing Professor Kramnick’s thoughts on what their text meant was very eye opening for me. Learning about the religious ideals of the time and their influence on the writings of intellectuals impressed me and challenged me to think about the major influences driving writings and politics today. I realize that the main major influence is in fact the ‘Old’ and ‘New” testaments. These ageless classics, more or less, carrying values that are desired and required (in a way) in today’s society. The two writers also have varying view on government and the purpose of government with respect to a community and also with respect to individuals.

In our discussion group we made comparisons between the Augustine and Aquinas’ thoughts on government and looked at how the ‘Old’ testament played a strong role in Augustine’s beliefs, while the ‘New’ testament played a strong role in Aquinas’ beliefs.

Then came lunch, which is a story in itself today. There are 60 students in the Freedom and Justice course; therefore Professor Kramnick has decided to eat lunch with 6 students each day. Today was my day. After finding and saving a table for the seven of us I ran to get in line for my burrito. I have gotten a burrito for lunch the three days we have had lunch here and now the lady knows me and knows exactly what I am getting when she sees me in line, it is wonderful. I was the first one back to the table but once we all were seated Professor Kramnick explained the drill; it ran like this: You had to introduce yourself, tell how you heard about the program, tell where you were from, where you wanted to go to college, and what you wanted to be when you ‘grow up’. After everyone had gone Professor Kramnick asked us what we thought about President Obama. To my surprise only two of the six said they would not vote for him if the election was tomorrow.

I began to realize today in class, during my lunch with Professor Kramnick, and again after I read Melissa Arciniega’s comment on my blog that I am so lucky to be here. I don’t want this portion to sound like I am sucking up, but I am realizing that this is an opportunity not offered to many. In my writing class today my TA talked about the difference between freedom and opportunity. In my mind I think of freedom (even though I have already mentioned I am not a real freedom believer) is the possibility to do something whereas opportunity is the ability to do it. I realize that everyone has the freedom to attend a summer college, but not everyone has the opportunity to be in a program like the ILC, which showcases our district’s many talents.

Time to meet with my TA to go over my paper. Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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  1. So T, now you can see why a working knowledge of the Bible is so essential. Not only does it drive the guys you've been reading, it permeates literature and art much more generally. Yes, even music. Bob Dylan's Highway 61 begins - "God said to Abraham, Kill me a son . . . " the Grateful Dead's music is chock full of bible references - the story of Cain and Abel makes an appearance in a Mississippi Half Step, and Moses is all over the song "Greatest Story Every Told"

    Sorry to say, but in order to be an educated, literate person you have to learn the Bible. Whether and to what extent it is a useful vehicle for understanding spirituality and/or the nature of reality and existence - those are wholly discrete and independent questions.