Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's 60 Degrees?

Today was actually a cool one- respectively for Ithaca that is. Only 65 degrees at the day's peak, I could actually wear the awesome sweatshirt comfortably that I got courtesy of the wonderful ILC at the Cornell bookstore. I had my usual after-class routine of going to the gym, having a late dinner, and now blogging, but there was a slight difference.

Since we have a class assignment of writing an essay about Freedom, I was struggling with that. I went to my TA's "office", for in fact it is an old freshman girls' dorm room, to discuss a few passages from St. Augustine and get help with my writing. Unfortunately, I'm still having a bit of writer's block, especially in accordance to a specific part of freedom, being as its definition is so broad and can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Professor Kramnick's lectures are great. He really gets into them and tries to keep students interested. I'm looking forward to getting to have lunch with him as Taylor and Joe have had the pleasure of having.

In our discussion group we talked the difference between St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, and what alot of their writings actually mean as some of the language and religious references can be hard to understand. One large topic was whether private property is good, and whether it can ever be moral to steal in any situation. Another is what rulers are really needed for as intermediates of God. Goodnight for now, off to read some Plato.

Two more days until my birthday!

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