Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting to Go Back to Class

Today as Mark demonstrated how to make a memo template on Microsoft Word, I frantically scribbled notes and attempted to actually physically follow through the process at the same time. I made my very own template for “Teril Inn Hospitality,” complete with a seahorse silhouette logo.

We also played the CHESS simulation for the very first time today. The virtual Teril Inn started out with an occupancy rate of 79% but over the course of one virtual week, that number dropped to somewhere in the fifties. Don’t worry- that was just a trial run. Tomorrow the Teril Inn will be much more successful. :)

Before we played CHESS, we watched a video about what goes on behind-the-scenes at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in New York City. The video followed various employees (a concierge, a runner, a wedding planner, etc.) in the hotel for one work day. It was actually so captivating that I forgot where I was. When the video ended, I looked around and for a second, was surprised that I wasn’t following around the Housekeeping Manager or the general manager of the Waldorf.

So far, every single thing we have learned in this class has been interesting. Mark and Reneta are already right up there on my “Favorite Teachers” list. Not only are they scarily brilliant and incredibly savvy about the hotel industry, but they are also warm and funny and super enthusiastic about teaching.

Yesterday, Reneta encouraged the class to hang on because students had confessed to feeling overwhelmed after her lecture. The following is almost exactly quoted. She said, “It gets easier. You’re going to do fine. We’re here with you. Don’t freak out. You’ll do fine.” It was the way she said it that did it. I teared up. I really did.

Mark makes the class laugh every other minute, but today he made me tear up too. He also said that students had gone up to him and expressed concern about the rigor of the class. Mark basically told us that we are here to learn, and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. All we have to do is ask for help when we need it.

I am making Reneta and Mark sound a LOT less interesting than they really are. I know people have said these things before, but when Reneta and Mark talk to us, their eyes light up and I know I have never seen such genuine people. I don’t even think it would matter what they were saying because they are so amazing. (Except everything they happen to say is amazing also.)

Anyways, the third day of class is over. Today went by way too fast, but I loved every minute of it. Tomorrow I have class again. I am so excited! I feel like a little kid waiting for the first day of school, except tomorrow isn't the first day of class. It's just another "regular" day of class, but I'm just so excited! I am very happy right now. I am looking forward to sleeping for seven hours, and I am also looking forward to waking up after that so I can go to class. I love this. :)

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