Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Journey Through Word Processing

Yes, that title is right, as the main focus of my day became formatting a memo within Microsoft Word, through the many useful lessons that Hotel School professor Mark McCarthy have given us.  But, strangely enough, this whole experience was the result of strange circumstances.

But I am getting ahead of myself, so I will start at the beginning.  Today began like any other day at Cornell Summer College (I cannot but help to laugh at the fact that this sentence sounds like I have been here for an extended period of time even though it was only a week ago that I was at Chicago).  Breakfast with friends and roommates, then a nice, brisk walk to Statler Hall.

Once we arrived at the classroom, I reserved seats for the rest of my team, as per our recent agreements that the first one to arrive would do so.  Nothing seemed off.

However, when class started, we found out what had happened -- the program we were supposed to be doing, the CHESS simulation, had mysteriously disappeared from several of the computers in the lab.  So, we were given an extensive lesson on how Microsoft Word works.

Mark gave us a short quiz about formatting, followed by a tutorial on how to properly format a menu, with several colors, borders, tabs and styles.  The lesson turned out to be really interesting, if a little difficult.  However, most of the students got through it fine.  After, we watched a video on the famous Waldorf Astoria.  Video programs such as these usually make me sleepy, but this one was actually really great.

During lunch, we met up with Joe for the first time in days (which actually felt like weeks, to be honest).  It was nice discussing what was going on with each others' classes and planning to meet up soon.

Once we got back to class, Mark gave a very funny PowerPoint to illustrate what makes or break a presenatation.  Then, the computers were loaded with CHESS, and I began to simulate hotel management.  It ended quite badly for me, as the charts showed eventual lack of growth.

Till tomorrow all.

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