Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Testament And Testifying

Since I blogged yesterday afternoon, I'm going to give a brief summary on how the rest of my evening went yesterday. I started to go to the gym immediately after blogging with Taylor to get membership passes for the duration of these three weeks, but it turns out we could only do that between 8 and 4 o'clock- so we went and did that this morning. Instead, we went on a short run around a small beautiful lake, did, some core, and met a new friend! The rest of the night consisted of just eating, practicing, doing homework, and hanging out with students from many diverse backgrounds in the lobby. It actually resembles what I have done so far tonight.

However, today did differentiate a little bit. It was the intramural day for soccer, and I got to play which was alot of fun and a good bonding experience with other peers. Because it started to THUNDERSTORM, it ended a bit early, but Taylor and I went to use our newly purchased gym passes to finish our workouts. After dinner there was a "diversity training" session, but was really not much more than some college students reviewing the rules with us; i.e. the dangers of the gorges and policies of dorm rooms. We all sat and thought about our goals for the next three weeks and how lucky we are to be in such a wonderfully different group of people who all are here to share a wonderful experience together.

Speaking of college experience, my class is truly a great learning environment. Today we had our first proper lecture that was based on the Old and New Testaments and the different kinds of love within them, as well as punishment in terms of justice and violence. This was appropriately the discussion of our study group. This topic is really interesting to me because I am not very religiously involved or well-versed in such texts, so it is really an enlightening experience.

Our guest speaker of the afternoon was Judge Judith Rossiter. You may call her Judge Judy! She had alot of experience and therefore insight into the New York court system, and discussed many legal terms and cases with us. One in particular had only occurred a week ago, and was about a rape case, but the defendant had additionally been charged with assault, kidnapping, and burglary. It was quite an interesting lecture, and I'm sure it will be a hard one to follow. On that note, sweet dreams everyone!

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