Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So today I have the pleasure of learning about college homework loads. That lesson is not quite over yet, so I will have to keep this blog brief if I hope to get to bed before 2:00AM.

I woke up at 7:00AM again so I could get ready by 8:00AM and then have breakfast with my cohorts and newer friends before class starts at 9:00AM. I believe this will become a pattern, and I honestly hope it does, because there are not too many teen-age boys getting up that early to shower here, and a long breakfast definitely gives me some time to wake up before class begins.

Today, class went pretty well. Professor Kramnick lectured for his normal hour and a half about Love, Law, and Christianity, which was very interesting, but at the very beginning of his lecture he announced the names of the six students that would be eating lunch with him today (he picks six students to have lunch with him every day so he can get to know us better). And I was on today's list.

As I said, the lecture went well, and the discussion group afterwards was great, but my mind was on the lunch the whole time. I've been dining with high-powered individuals all week, but this is my professor now! I have never had to do this before! I was hoping for an initial bias in my favor since he seemed to like Mr. Ramsey so much at orientation, but there was no way for me to really know what to expect.

Lunch did arrive eventually though, and Professor Kramnick actually turned out to be an awesome guy! We had to wait a while for everyone to get their food, but once the table was all situated, the conversation began to flow. We all learned each other's names, where we were from, what kind of school we went to, and why we were taking the Freedom and Justice Course. Professor Kramnick knew I was from the ILC as soon as I said that I was from El Cerrito, and he seemed to like me from that point on (biases can work wonders).

We found out from a lot of information from him too, but he said he wasn't too big on technology and I'm not sure if he would want his info on the web. Cool guy though. He's very lively and I really enjoyed the lunch. Hopefully this experience goes as well for our other ILC'ers.

So that was really the highlight of the day, and I have to do homework now, so I will talk to you all tomorrow! Good night readers!


  1. Hey Joe! Sounds like you had a great lunch with your Prof. How cool. I hope you're able to get a bit more sleep tonight! Now that you've gotten to know your Prof, be sure to continue this relationship by visiting him during his office hours. Mucho amor, tu pops! (P.S. Cocoa sends her love.)

  2. I'm so proud....little Joe Joe schmoozing with the professor! How fun!! Wow, Joe, what a great experience this summer at Cornell. It will be fun reading your blog entries and keeping up with your collegiate adventures!! But we'll see you at Camanche, right?? No higher priorities...familia!!
    Love to you, Aunt Nancy...aka Auntie Vamanos :-)