Monday, June 27, 2011

Never Seen Days Like These

Maybe the cloud cover is beginning to loosen, even though tomorrow's weather predicts a thunderstorm.  No matter what the case, I woke up this morning to piercing sunlight and a sense of insignificance.  Or was it nervousness?  I do not really remember.  But the cause was quite simple - it is the first day of school.

No orientations, introductions, opening handouts of the sort.  Oh no, this was the first real day, full of work and confusing lessons.  Today was no different, from the long walk to class to the office hours that closed our day.

My professors, Reneta and Mark McCarthy (who prefer to be called by their first names), gave the class a very interesting overview of the class.  They covered the essentials of the hotel industry, such as occupancy rates, average daily rate and the revenue per available room, all of which deal with the profit the hotel makes, as well as variable expenses, part of the quintessential "spend money to make money" clause.

I do not remember keeping up with the time throughout our lessons and lectures.  It was quite an exhausting experience, and the ideas sort of flowed through my mind as the words flowed through the air.

Another interesting thing is that the class is very enthusiastic when it comes to asking questions.  So much so that the lecture had to be rushed at certain parts, which did not really impede on the content that was being passed on.

At the end of the day, I was placed in a group, consisting of my fellow students Andrew Zhou, Daryna Deedee Dvirna, and Pearl Schroer.  The professors gave us our assignments and sent us off to our mandatory office hours, which were longer than I had thought.

To be quite honest, I was really not expecting to be this exhausted at the end of the day.  Furthermore, I do not think I have felt this sort of nervous fear/excitement before.  Maybe it is because of the first day, maybe because of the interesting material, maybe because I am just doing something or maybe, something else.  I just  want to find out.

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  1. Jobel,

    I seem to recall that on at least a gazillion occasions I personally told each and every one of you that this wasn't college camp. I said that this was a real job. Jobs are hard work and come with responsibilities.

    We as ILC administrators have responsibilities, too, and one of those responsibilities is to make sure that even before we take that first group photo after your interview that we have that warm and funny feeling that you're capable of succeeding in this program.

    And even after we felt confidant in your capabilities we worked to train you even further.

    Go back into that class knowing that you're as capable as every other student in that class and you'll do fine.