Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Both Sides of the Spectrum

Since it is rather late, I will try to be concise.  Tomorrow is a long day, and we are going to be dealing with a lot, so we'll see, I hope.

Today however, was extremely interesting and very extreme on both ends.  On one hand is was dry and hot and sweltering, while on the other, it was roaring with thunder and rain fell from the skies unrelentingly.  The good thing was that I was able to share an umbrella with Terilyn, which turned out to be really fun, if a "little" wet.

The lesson plans that were going by today were rather intricate.  During our lab sessions, Mark taught our class the ins and outs of Microsoft Word, such as the format painter and the many types of formatting available in page, paragraph and font sections.  He also challenged those that knew what they were doing to not use a mouse.   So I will resolve not to use a mouse.

During the lectures, Reneta taught the class about the CHESS simulation, a simulated hotel game that we will be dealing with to learn more about operations.  It seemed to be really fun, but quite complicated all the same.  Meanwhile, we also learned about corporate structures, such as c-corporations.  That in of itself was rather rigorous, and without much knowledge in economics, it turned out to be even more confusing.

It is quite strange because I feel like I have been here for weeks, but only really for two days.  Maybe time passes that slowly, yet that quickly around here.  Or maybe it is just me.

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