Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Already Nostalgic? It's the Second Day of Class!

I am very prone to feeling pre-nostalgia. Today, our 1-4 pm lecture flew by and that scared me quite a bit. It’s the second day of class, and already everything is going by much faster than I would like it to.

At the same time, though, I also feel like I have been here at Cornell for weeks and weeks. It is incredibly easy to get accustomed to a routine, even if one has only lived according to the particular routine for 2 days.

Speaking of routine, I have gotten used to the bipolar weather here. It no longer surprises me when out of nowhere, thunder starts roaring and rain starts pouring, which is exactly what happened today. I enjoyed it. It was great being outside while the storm started and it was also great watching it from inside the Robert Purcell Community Center Marketplace, which is where I was eating dinner.

A large portion of the content we learned from Reneta today focused on concepts we could use to run our personal CHESS, or Competitive Hospitality Education Simulation Series I, hotel. On Friday, we will turn in a 2 page business memo stating our plan for our virtual hotel.

We were reminded to consider closing or restricting rates for our hotel during certain days of the week. I have yet to decide if my hotel, the Teril Inn (Get it? Teril Inn= Terilyn), will offer entertainment every day of the week, or only on Fridays, or what types of amenities I will offer in the rooms. We were also reminded that when setting rates, we must consider what types of customers would visit the hotel on a weekday as opposed to on a weekend. For example, more businesspeople would probably visit on weekdays, while more leisure travelers would visit on weekends. How many rooms will I expect housekeepers to clean during an 8-hour work period? Will I accept group reservations? Which particular ones will I accept?

I must consider all of these things to successfully manage the Teril Inn, a 250 limited-service hotel located (virtually) in Syracuse, New York. Hopefully, I will pull it off. Hopefully, I will find a way to fully immerse myself in the course without feeling like everything is speeding by.

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