Sunday, June 26, 2011

Resting up for Tomorrow

Today was nice to sleep in on our final day of freedom. I can definitely get used to the food at RPC after an enjoyable brunch and the omelet station. Strolling through the sprawling campus, we tracked down our classrooms, took a brief stop at the athletics centers, and made it back to Statler Hall’s auditorium for the Cornell Crash Course.

As a Division One school, Cornell has some excellently equipped facilities, including an awesome baseball field (which Nick of course enjoyed), stadium, and skating/hockey rink. Apparently ice hockey is HUGE at Cornell, the only school I’ve seen where football isn’t big. I was also excited to discover an indoor track facility enclosed in what appears to be a giant stone fortress by the Cornell police building.

I feel like it’s a great pity that I’m buying a gym pass rather than making the most of the resources available and running in the great outdoors of the beautiful Cornell campus, which I’m dying to explore. The Hotel course schedule is pretty brutal so I’m succumbing out of convenience, and also because no one really is up for a run in the early hours of the morning. While I trust Cornell’s security system, I do not trust in my sense of direction.

The Cornell Crash Course from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM briefed us of success strategies for summer college especially for the different types of learners. Everywhere at Cornell Summer College, there is so much stress on the immense importance of a good night’s rest. Our professors mentioned it in their speech about “focus, physiology, and routine”, our RCA’s reminded us, and it was a central point in today’s crash course. We even watched a movie about sleep. So in that mindset, I should definitely get to bed.

It's the beginning of a journey of whole new experiences. Last night, I sawy fire flies for the first time in my life! I had my first taste of key lime pie just hours ago, and tomorrow is the first day of class!

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