Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eighty Twenty

80% of your outcome comes from 20% of your input. I think this statement is going to be the motto of my experience here at Cornell. This trip will be what I make out of it, so the more I put in the more I will get out.

Today was a “lazy” day. I woke up at 9:30 A.M, which for this trip is constituted as sleeping in. After showering and working out the Internet kinks I met my newly acquired friends (and old ones) in the lobby to mod over to the dining hall, which is more or less 25 steps from my dorm. I have been to college campuses before and eaten in the dinning halls but I must say that Cornell’s food was very tasty and just what I needed for breakfast/brunch. After that the Freedom and Justice wolf pack casually walked over to find our class. The lecture hall was AMANZING. I have never called a class room amazing but the room just made me feel ten times smarter and I haven’t even had a class in there yet. The rows of desks leading down to the professors lecture stand made me realize I was actually at college. I cannot wait to get out of high school, to be honest, and therefore this program is a dream come true for me along with the fact that I am so set (currently) on becoming a Political Science major so this course is going to be heavenly for me.

To end the day the Cornell wolf pack ventured off campus with Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, and Ms. Neal to John Thomas for a dinner with two Cornell admissions officers and one undergrad student. I sat next to the undergrad student named Ashley. She was an engineer major from the Las Vegas area. She talked about her experience at Cornell and also about her love for figure skating, which played a major role in her decision process. She told me about how this coming fall she is going to work in Palo Alto, which is home to one of my top choice Universities—Stanford. I gave her some insight on the “hot spots” in Palo Alto (even though I don’t know many besides the Cheesecake Factory). I also sat across from Mrs. Schaffer the admissions officer for the engineering school at Cornell. I am personally (as mentioned before) not intending on being an engineer even though I love math but that didn’t keep me from soaking in every word Mrs. Schatter said about the university.

Class starts tomorrow and I absolutely can’t wait. I unfortunately don’t have class with my friend from JMSG (Julia Morgan School For Girls) but we still are going to get dinner together tomorrow to get all caught up since we have not been part of each other’s live for so long. I also want to shout out my best friend Masao MacMaster who just got to Colombia University to start his ILC program, Good luck Mao Mao.

Until Tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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  1. You are well fit for the examination, Mr. Hornblower.

    Captain Pelleau (sp?)