Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pleasure to Serve

The main focus of the day was being able to get into the mindset of a luxury service. While I originally thought it would be nice to man the elevators in the dorm, we decided to operate a joint venture with other groups in producing a spa-like environment in one of the lounges.

One of the many flyers we set up in elevators and throughout the building.

While free massages on any other day would seem incredibly out of place and odd, albeit interesting, it was the culmination of several groups reaching out to tend to people's needs in different ways that made the entire day exciting. One of my classmates knocked on my door just as I was about to do my laundry and I learned that her group was collecting trash from people's dorm rooms. Of course, I took advantage of such a fine institute! And as I was preparing to dry my clothes, I discovered another group performing laundry for students for free.

The banner we set up in front of the lobby.

the actual event began, many of my classmates and friends were well underway providing massages. I kept in mind that this assignment was to allow us to get into the service mindset that makes many hotels and stores so successful, and from the start, my attitude completely changed. While I can often be wild & crazy, I ended up becoming proper and reformed with a good posture and hands folded behind my back as I walked around our area. My voice also morphed into something warm and invitational; something people want to hear when they're greeted.

Amusingly enough, even students not part of the Hotel program volunteered to help.

While I want to believe that we "outserved" the competition, I have to keep in mind that this is all a complete learning experience and that this day is just a very small piece in a very elaborate puzzle. I learned exactly how much a warm smile and show for care and easily go a long way in the world of business and competition.

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