Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today brings the dawn of a new week -- a week that will and should be amazingly memorable and busy and exhausting and corny in every way.  Nothing else would do this last week at Cornell justice -- this is, quite truly, something that has changed my life.  But let us save that nostalgia trip for another time, there is, after all still a week ahead of this.
The gang in front of the market.

But before everything begins, there must always be a bit of quiet time.  Well, figuratively speaking.  Today, my friends Kaan, Andrew, and Dylan accompanied me to the Ithaca Farmers Market.

The market itself was huge, as far as farmer's markets goes.  And the location, at a steamboat dock near the river, was quite beautiful.  I managed to try out my first Gyro (a traditional Greek sandwich), while getting an
Gyros are cool.
Quite possibly the only ocarina maker I will ever meet.

ocarina (a ceramic flute-like instrument) and tasting some of the locally-made ice cream, or in this case, a root beer float.

There were great shops around and the place was crowded, and got even moreso over time.  My only disappointment was that I was not able to take the hour-long steamboat lake tour.  But that is all okay, it is not a big deal.  I had a fantastic time and I am sure my friends did as well.

A massage train.
When I returned, there was a bit of work to do.  My group met up one more time to figure out what we would do as a service project for the class.  We decided on a massage hour, where we offered free neck and shoulder massages for an hour.  That project turned to be quite the success, and it sort of turned into a dance party, which was strange, but enjoyable.

Most importantly, I was able to watch the sunset from Libe Slope, which turned out to be quite beautiful.  Teri agreed to come with me and watch, so it was a nice hour of conversation while night fell on us.  We discussed what we would be doing when we returned, as well as other things, such as how to define the word corny (I believe it applies to cliche, not overly sentimental).  I enjoyed every bit of it and I knew that this week would be fantastic.  It seems like things are ending so soon, but in reality, there's still an entire experience to go through.  No need to take things slow.

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