Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Great Day

Today was a good day. I woke up around 9:15AM and got a text message from my friend Carle (yes, it's Carle with an "e") about going to breakfast at 11:30AM. That gave me enough time to get ready leisurely, just the way I like it, and then head out with my friends.

After that, my essay had to get done. I picked up my computer and my list of critiques from Simon (my TA) and high-tailed it over to Olin Library. This was my first time studying in one of the 11 libraries on campus, and I have to say that it was AMAZING. I had heard from all of my friends that I should take advantage of the libraries, but they were always so far away and I was already sitting right in my nice cozy 90 degree room... No more excuses today though.

The Olin library is about a ten minute walk away, and the temperature in there is probably about 65-70 degrees...perfect. What I truly failed to realize about the library though, was that it's not just great because it's quiet; it's great because there are other people around who are doing nothing but work! You can't go on while everyone else around you is suffering! You feel terrible! You HAVE to work in there, or else you just feel out of place.

My essay was due by 4:30PM and I got it done by 3:00PM. I did not think that there was any possible way for me to finish before the deadline, but that library really got the job done. I am normally an extremely slow writer, as you can ask my roommate, but my fingers were typing away like lightning in that sanctuary of knowledge. I am definitely doing my work in there from now on.

After I turned in my essay, the rest of the day was devoted to pure relaxation. I played some billiards with Nick Shebek and my roommate, Matt, and then went on to watch Fight Club in the "T.V. Lounge", aka the theater.

If you've ever seen me blog about watching a movie, this is the place that I watched it. There were originally about five chairs in this room, but as it got more and more use, the chairs just seemed to accumulate (also, if you're wondering why the chair in front is backwards, it's because someone was using it as footrest). This is and the library are two of my favorite places on campus, and the use of both of them in the same day makes for one great day.

Good night readers! Talk to you tomorrow! I may or may not be getting my mid-term back... Wish me luck!

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