Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie Night Traditions

I am currently blogging during anothe movie marathon. It has become quite the tradition to watch movies on nights after we have finished all our homework, especially because my friends have discovered the lack of movies that I have seen and have insisted on enlightening me. Tonight it was "The Town." I have to say I enjoyed it, and thanks for the "enlightenment" everyone.

It's really nice getting out early on Fridays with just one lecture and discussion group leacing you fresh to enjoy the afternoon. The lecture itself was on J.S. Mill again, but rather his opinions on liberty as opposed to women's rights like yesterday.

I actually had the priviledge of having lunch with Professor Kramnick today! He really is a wonderful person which I was convinced of even more as he tries to get to know every individual student just a bit more in-depth, as made evident when we sat down to lunch today (a group of six of us) and asked us a few questions so he could have some idea of who we were. After telling him our lives story- or as much as a professor needs to know- we got to learn a little about him. Did you know he was the first in his family to attend college, getting a scholarship to Harvard University? I found it pretty interesting.

After enjoying the afternoon I met up with our old ILC group to all discuss with Ms. Neal about the service learning projects we wish to undertake in the fall when we return home and bring something back to our communities. To try to help others succeed and just show what the ILC has done for us, we figured a good thing to do would be give personal presentations, maybe a couple of slides, in classrooms at schools around the district with some helpful hints and just overall summaries of our experiences so that our peers can share in them, learn more about the ILC, and hopefully get inspired themselves!

Well I'm off to bed, I should get some sleep for tomorrow, since we are lucky enough to get to go to Buttermilk Falls again! I'm really excited. Goodnight everyone.

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