Friday, July 8, 2011

Joe Arciniega: A Day in the Life

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, to Joe Arciniega's July 8'th! In this blog, you will be me, and I will be the narrator of your day. Excited? You should be! Because You are in for one fantastic day!

You began your day by waking up, right on time, getting ready, and then waiting with a few of your friends in the lobby of the dorm to go to breakfast.

Look at how handsome you look, even at 8:00 in the morning! Great work!

Once all of your friends made it down to the lobby, you all began to walk towards the Robert Purcell Dining Hall, where you have breakfast everyday (unless you sleep through it, which only happens occasionally).

A few of your friends walking toward the Purcell building

Once inside, you had the clerk swipe your Cornell ID and you walked into the buffet style dining hall. Almost immediately, your heart jumped, because you happened to spot the tray-full of French Toast sitting oh so gingerly in front of you. You became extremely excited (or at least, as excited as you are capable of getting at 8:00AM) and grabbed a few pieces for yourself, along with a few other breakfast favorites of yours.

Robert Purcell Dining Hall

Breakfast of Champions

A fun fact about breakfast actually, is that every morning there is an info-mercial on T.V.
Today's special was the "Shark Steam Mop".

Quality Programming
Once you finished, you began the trek across campus towards class. Almost everyone's classes start at the same time as yours however, so you always enjoy watching the student stampede as it formulates in front of you.

This is how it starts...

...and this is how it ends (those are kids all along the left and the top center).

...You're starting to realize that that picture isn't really as impressive as you thought it was. But that's alright. There's usually a lot more kids in the stampede. Guess you got lucky today.

But anyways! You finally arrived at the Freedom and Justice Lecture Hall, after sifting your way through the not-so-massive mass of students, at about ten minutes before 9:00AM.

Freedom and Justice Lecture Hall

A few minutes later, the lecture began and you began to write notes and listen closely, unlike the girl in front of you who was on

Professor Kramnick and the Facebook Felon

It was an interesting lecture about John Stuart Mill's views on Liberty and you enjoyed it very much, but after only a short amount of time, it was time to get to your discussion group. You engaged in a debate about whether restricting someone's freedom in order to keep them from harming themself was a just act or not, and you were assigned to take the negative side. You argued your points fairly well, and then asked the group if they would be willing to take a picture.
Not only were they nice enough, but a few of them even posed. Your TA, Simon, is the tall Australian-English one in the back.

After discussion, you were on your way to lunch! ...But somehow you forgot to take a picture of that....way to go.

It's ok though. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. You'll probably post a picture of it tomorrow anyways. I'm predicting a pepperoni pizza, fries, and a coke, with either a pack of gum, an apple, or a pack of cookies on the side. Just a guess though.

Anyways, after you fueled up with your lunch, you decided to go out and play some b-ball with your friends.

At one point, they decided to have a two-on-two tournament, and you and Nick Shebek taught them a thing or two about the game. WCCUSD Champions, right here.

After the big game, you and Nick decided to retire and head over to your meeting with Ms. Neal and the rest of your ILC cohorts. You all discussed the service learning project that you will be organizing in the Fall, and decided on educating high school students about essay-writing, interviewing, and the ILC as a whole (the first two things were requirements that you all had to go through to be admitted into the ILC)

The meeting took place inside of the Statler Hotel, which is Cornell's own four diamond hotel. Swanky.

But once the meeting was over, it was about time for you to wind down. You walked back over to Robert Purcell with your friends and got a relaxing dinner in. You had a lot of fun joking around as usual, and the fact that The Matrix was on T.V. just made the meal even better. You polished off your food as a few of your friends went to get the soft-serve ice cream and you took a nice picture to end the day...


SO! I hope you enjoyed yourself! Being me is pretty exciting! I don't know exactly what your activities will consist of tomorrow, but there's a chance that you might go to Buttermilk Falls...

More on that tomorrow though! Good night!


  1. Joe,
    Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed the blog. Nick might say that you did the stalking for me. It was creative and fun, and demonstrated your skills of persuasion in getting folks to pose. I really appreciate seeing how the dining hall has changed (alot!) in 33 years and loved the view walking through Balch(not changed at all).

  2. Joe,
    I loved walking through your day with your narration. And great job on the pics!

  3. Thanks for this chance to be you for a day! The narration is so totally your fun voice and the pics were great! Interesting debate topic too! Keep working hard and have fun soaking in all these blessings set right before you!

  4. Joe,

    Nice job! It looks like you're making the most of your time and the wonderful opportunity to be at Cornel this summer. (Unlike the Facebook Felon.!) Have a great final week of classes. See you next Saturday!


    Tu Pops

    PS Way to represent on the basketball court!

  5. Joe,

    Great job with this. Glad you're taking advantage of your time at Cornell. ILC is a game-changer. Be sure to keep working hard and making the most of this amazing opportunity.

    Much love bro,

    Matt Arciniega
    ILC '09
    Columbia College '14