Friday, July 8, 2011


It's a wonderful relief to have all my work done. After all the labor and frustrations, I was glad to put the business report behind me and enjoy the rest of the day. Friday for me officially began at 1:30 PM.

A few hours later, after my workout in the Statler Hotel gym, my legs had turned into spaghetti, and with those spaghetti legs, I trekked across campus to the plantations with Terilyn. I had previously been around the area on a run with Nick, but in the heat and rush hadn't noticed the lush summer beauty of the surroundings.

The road leading to the plantations is itself an awing sight when sunlight filters through the canopy of leaves, creating a mosaic of the most perfect shades of green. A path between the wildflowers with butterflies flitting everywhere runs along Beebe Lake, with canoes stacked up along the beach, and the water perfectly serene, except for the loads of tiny fish flickering ripples through the water. Walking amidst this incredibly well-kept treasure, alone in a symphony of songbirds, Terilyn and I took in this magical moment. We hadn't even gotten to the main attraction yet, and we were already in love with the place.

After checking out the plantations and Beebe Lake, it became clear what a haven of wildlife these places were. In our journey we had probably encountered fifteen chipmunks, a black & white tuxedo-splotched dragon fly, a grey heron, several other strange birds, and a red deer. these are all creatures unpresent in California, so it was my first time seeing these animals. Not only are we learning new things here, we are exposed to a totally different environment, including flora & fauna totally divergent from the wildlife at home. Seeing all the lush summer greenery made me wonder about the what the place will look like after its autumn transformation.

I wish we were sticking around to see more of this place. Terilyn and I only covered a fraction of the 175 acres of plantation botanical gardens, arboretums, and trails to explore, but we have vowed to come back, this time with our cameras.

These upcoming two days will be the only reprieve we get before one final week of full-throttle intensity at the Cornell Hotel School. With detailed planning, I know we will succeed in making the most if our last weekend together. Tomorrow, we take on the Ithaca farmers' market and Buttermilk Falls!

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