Friday, June 24, 2011

Ithaca- Or Not?

After lugging my heavy suitcases for blocks, I get to the airport only to find that our flight has been canceled. However, there is the bright side of things that include our getting to spend one last night in the amazing city of Chicago- in a beautiful brand new hotel to boot!

In the hopes of finding a later flight today that we could all fit upon, we hung out at the airport all day just sitting on the floor by first-class check in. One passerby even asked us what we were protesting. I basically was so exhausted that most of the day became a blur of watching people pass by. People watching is definitely an interesting way to spend your time however, and can become quite enjoyable. Kelly and I began to make up stories and names for interesting people in the airport terminal, speculating where they were going and accomplishing in life. I know one thing- we were accomplishing living the life of hobos!

That all got turned around when we finally arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel which Delta Airlines had sent us to. Modern and sparkling with technology, it was a completely different feel than the posh grandeur of the Drake but with just the same quality. Open approximately for just 6 months now, one aspect of the hotel that really appeals to me is their effort to not leave a carbon footprint on the earth. Cards are placed all over to remind of energy and water conservation, and is one of the first places I've seen in Chicago to be an avid member of the recycling club. Most buildings just have rotating doors.

Our flight has been rescheduled for 6AM tomorrow morning, and now we will fly to Syracuse and then drive into Ithaca rather than flying straight there. I am always up for an adventure, but hopefully not all the good dorm rooms will be taken!
As Terilyn and I would say in Aple-Aple, susee yankou susoonun Ituthuhacuca!

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