Friday, June 24, 2011

"In-N-Out" in Midway

Whenever I explore a new city, I always notice the small things that make it unique. Here in Chicago, it just so happens to be the myriad of revolving doors. If I were to describe my day in a single phrase, the first thing I would burst out saying would be "a revolving door."

We finally said good-byes to the famed Drake Hotel and set out onto what was meant to be our final L ride to Midway Airport. As we hauled our luggage through the aimless corridors, we arrived at a monitor that showed departure and arrival times. We decided to quickly scan through the walls of text to find our flight and beside its name and info was the word "CANCELLED" gleaming on the bright blue screen. Hoping to avoid any peril, we kept our fingers crossed as we approached check-in. As it turned out, our fear has come true. While we attempted to get later flights to Detroit, our large party (and the fact tickets were booked separately) meant that we could get replacement flights, but that we would have to split our group onto multiple flights within the span of two days.

Our little own airport station as we awaited throughout the day as to what would happen next.

We had to stay in the airport for well over 6-7 hours, and while it was frustrating to say the least to have to stay in thre for something like a flight cancellation, it was actually an enjoyable experience as the group and I certainly tried to make the most of our time there. I actually took motion sickness medicine prior to our "flight" this morning and I admit to having have slept on the ground once in awhile because of it. At other times, I would try to see what some of the card games they were playing were or break out into a light dance. Soon enough, our frustrations with Delta began to boil down as they accommodated to our needs including vouchers for a hotel, food, and taxi until we will board a new flight to New York tomorrow morning.

One of the many card games that is contained in his mind.

After placing our bags inside of our hotel rooms in the InterContinental Hotel, a few of us (Jobel, Nick, Terilyn, and I) felt that we should take this extra time in Chicago to our advantage. We all opted in to visit Millennium Park as the Taste of Chicago festival started today. The charming thing about the festival was that to actually buy food and beverages, you had to go and purchase tickets that worked as a Taste-exclusive currency. I had an absolute blast trying out the different kinds of food including bourbon chicken, pulled pork, and Itlian ice. Before we headed back to the hotel in what should definitely be our final L ride, we certainly visited some of the many landmarks of Millennium Park including the Bean.

While canceleld flights can be extremely frustrating, I think our entire group handed the situation well enough that we actually managed to get some fun out of the whole debacle.

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