Friday, June 24, 2011


There isn’t much to say about my day because not much happened. We spent the majority of the day sitting in the Midway Airport playing cards, listening to music, and reading. In all honesty there really isn’t much to blog about. I didn’t do all that much in the airport except be upset that our flight was canceled and that we couldn’t be at Cornell today. I was really looking forward to the dinner with the Cornell admissions officers/students and moving into the dorms.

I must say; however, that the hotel we are staying in near the O’Hare airport is AMAZING! It is so pretty I never want to leave. Next to the floor length mirror (which I love because I love looking at my entire outfit) there are these little birds on a mock telephone line. It is so cute.

Until tomorrow, over and out blog readers.


  1. Taylor,

    When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

    You may think that nothing happened to you today worth blogging about but I'm betting that's not entirely accurate.

    I'm betting that if you were to give it some thought you could write about quite a bit.

    As a for instance, most of your loyal followers from all over the world really have no idea why you're going through this because no one is really telling us anything.

    Major events are happening all around you yet the world you left behind is going about their days and nights totally oblivious because of the silence coming from the midwest.

    You can start with a narrative of what's happening and let yourself slide into telling us your thoughts about it.

    You could write more about the interactions and the bonding going on between you and your cohorts. Have you introduced yourself to any of your fellow travelers?

    How's your lemonade, Taylor?

  2. I concur - willing to read anything with interest.