Friday, June 24, 2011

A Bit of Turbulence

So, if I had to pick my least favorite day in Chicago, I might just have to go with today. It's a close call between seeing some of the greatest Universities in the world and getting stuck in an airport for six hours, but I would have to say that being stranded is probably the lesser of the two.

Basically what happened was that we arrived at the airport, rushing to make sure that we made our flight on time, and as we made our way through the walkways we discovered that our flight had been cancelled. We still checked our bags in and spoke with a Delta Airlines employee to see if we could possibly make another flight, but that process took about five hours to figure out. During that time, we resilient and resourceful Cornellians spoke to each other about our experience so far, exchanged jokes, ate at the snack bar (since we could not access any of the actual restaurants that were located behind security), and played some simple but exhilarating card games.

After that, we learned that the next possible flight that could seat nine extra people was tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Delta gave us complementary food vouchers as well as taxi vouchers to get us to the International Hotel that they booked for us. It took us about another hour to get our luggage after that, and then we were on our way to the hotel.

I have to say, it was a little disappointing to hear that Ithaca would have to wait until tomorrow, but at the same time, it was really nice to get a day of rest. These Chicago days have been amazing, but tiresome as well, so having a whole day to pretty much lay back and relax is definitely not going unappreciated.

We definitely have a lot to look forward to tomorrow, and I am extremely excited to explore Cornell. For now, however, I think I am just going to kick back and enjoy my free bed and food. Talk to you all tomorrow! Good night!
The Airport Pow Wow


  1. Joe,

    Thanks so much for giving us the 411 about what happened. From the photo it at least looks like you've found a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the sights.

    My father used to tell me that "adventures" like this would build character. Do you feel like a person with more character yet?

  2. Way to look on the bright side! We love you and can't wait to hear about your time at Cornell! Mom & Dad