Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Cats Everywhere Put Your Hands Up In the Air

I know I am 17 years old and I shouldn’t be as obsessed with the High School Musicals as I am but I really love those movies. I know this seem irrelevant but the Northwestern mascot is a Wildcat and the High School Musical mascot is also a Wildcat therefore the entire tour I was thinking about my love for High School Musical. I would like to say before I get judged that thinking of High School Musical wasn’t the only thing I thought about during the tour. So here goes my tour/Northwestern experience:

Woke up at 6:30 this morning to get breakfast and make it to the train so that we could make our prompt 9 Northwester information sessions. Unfortunately/Fortunately I had seen the info session at El Cerrito High School so Aaron Zdawczyk told those of us who had seen the session at El Cerrito to just go enjoy the campus and then show up at roughly 10:15 to take the tour.

To “waste” time we (Joe, Nick, Jobel, Genevieve and I accompanied by the wonderful Ms. Neal) ventured to the Lake Michigan Shore. I don’t think I have seen a more beautiful lakeshore, seeing as Lake Anza is really the only beach with a lake I can think of. After the fun at the beach we headed back over to the admissions building to meet our tour guides.

I feel obligated to mention that I have been on many a college campus tours and for those less fortunate than me I would like to say that the college tour lead by a student is by fair most important part of making a decision. I must also say that I was not sure I would find Northwestern to be a school I put high on my “apply to college” list however after the tour I reconsidered. I sadly cannot remember the last name of my guide, but his first name was Andrew and he is a rising junior and Political Science major, which is what caught my attention and lured me to him. I must say Andrew was so funny I found myself laughing constantly. If you are out there reading this Andrew, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MADE MY TRIP TO NORTHWESTERN!!

I would also like to thank Mr. Zdawczyk for tipping the scale on Northwestern all the way for me at dinner tonight. Not only was the food amazing but also the conversation that accompanied dinner was not only informational but also inspiring. Learning about Mr. Zdawczyk and the many talents and accomplishments opened up the world to me. I know that no matter where I eventually go to college I will love my four (or more) years there. Mr. Zdwaczyk reiterated that for me. I do have “criteria” for my college but I learned today that no matter what my criteria might be going in, I have to keep an open mind and give each college I visit a chance to be the one for me.

Until tomorrow, over and out blog readers.

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