Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Sure beats chicken nuggets..."

Although it seemed to be an impossible feat, Chicago did in fact get even better today. First of all, we got up at 6:30AM as opposed to 3:00AM, and made Starbucks our first stop of the day, as opposed to sfo (they did get my order wrong, but honestly, how different is a strawberry frappuccino from a stawberry smoothie?).

After that, we were back on the CTA trainway, making our way towards Northwestern University. As soon as we stepped off of that train, it was all Wildcat Country.
The campus was about a block away from our station and as soon as I walked on I felt
engulfed by the school's culture. The buildings were beautiful and Lake Michigan was right in
front of us the entire time. As we received our tours, we learned that Northwestern
understands that most students do not know exactly what they want to study, and because of
that, they make it extremely easy to try new things and get involved in classes and program
that you never thought you would. My tour guide told us that even though he was a psychology
major, he was able to get in touch with the media academy and was actually given his own radio
station! He was on the air from 2:00AM to 5:00AM and he only got song requests from his
mother, but it was the fact that he was able to have that experience that mattered.

We met briefly with Aaron Zdawczyk, who is the Northern California admissions officer
for Northwestern, while we were there, but we really got to know him later when we had dinner
at Spiaggio. He gave us more useful information about the university and answered all of our
personal questions about the programs that we were interested in. I was happy to hear that
there is a prominent Christian population on campus and I was even happier when I saw my
steak in front of me. When we thanked Mr. Zdawczyk for his dining with us he replied "No
problem. Sure beats chicken nuggets" which he would have been having at home while playing

Sure, it was just a joke, but that quote can pretty much describe our trip so far. It
absolutely beats sitting at home, and I am so happy that I have been
given this amazing opportunity. I cannot imagine missing this and wasting my time at home
with a plate full of chicken nuggets, which is quite a statement from me, because I love my
chicken nuggets.

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