Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Wildcat

Day number two complete.

I have to say, my expectations keep getting higher, but reality continues to exceed them. Today, we woke up early to go visit Northwestern University’s campus in Evanston. It is a quaint little town with plenty of little restaurants, apartment buildings, and trees. But most importantly, it contains a college campus that we were about to set foot upon for the very first time. There were college tours of the whole campus, but first a short jaunt to the beach of Lake Michigan was necessary. It was so beautiful! The water was cold, but the hot air combined made it the perfect way to relax in the sun and sand, skipping rocks and watching birds dive for their lunch.

Afterwards we got to be escorted around campus by a great tour guide. I’m not just saying this; although Josh Bay did a pretty great job- each of the respective groups reported back said that their tour guides really made a difference of their Northwestern experience. The Northern California admissions director from Northwestern later at dinner told us that it was because there are only about 50 tour guides hired, while about 400 want to get the job as well! The commitment and excitement about one’s college, as well as the personal spin on the tour, really made a large difference.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with basically every aspect of Northwestern. The campus was beautiful and leafy green, with so many different centers of recreation, looming research centers, and dorm halls placed in wonderful old houses. What appealed to me about Northwestern was the abundance of diversity in its multiple schools and programs which anyone could take classes in. I really relished the opportunity to be seeing firsthand what I never would have had the experience of before the ILC.

Like I mentioned earlier, this evening we had the pleasure of dining with Aaron Zdawczyk at Spiaggia for dinner. Not only was the food SPECTACULAR, but so was the company. I personally got to ask the admissions director of the area I live in questions that applied to me and make an impression for the future. Over a chef’s impromptu vegetarian concoction of ricotta-stuffed squash flowers and vegetables, I learned about the intimate details of the 5-year double degree requirements in the Bienen School of Music, what Northwestern is looking for in applying students, and the diversity of the campus.

My day was just as satisfying as the expresso and marscapone mousse I had for dessert. Because of this experience, I got an inside look at a university I definitely plan on applying to now. I also got to see more of the wonderful city of Chicago and dine in one of its very high-end restaurants. Thanks ILC! Sweet dreams everyone; unless you’re reading this during the day of course… but bed is where I am now headed. University of Chicago tomorrow!

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