Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The University of Chicago: Because I got waitlisted at Hogwarts"

Today I experienced yet another new feeling—the feeling of wholehearted support and admiration for something that I knew was not right for me. Today we visited the University of Chicago. We had a private information session with Callie Brown, Assistant Director of Admissions at University of Chicago, followed by a private campus tour with University of Chicago student Elin Meliska and lunch with Elin and two other UC (that’s University of Chicago, not University of California) students, Lucy Peterson and Cullen Seaton.

Quite honestly, the experience was absolutely delightful. It really was. We all gawked at how incredibly beautiful the ivy-covered brick buildings were; we all laughed and talked with Elin, Lucy and Cullen like we had known them since middle school. The library is the largest in the country and boasts automated shelves and breathtaking architecture. In addition, the UC stresses the importance of discussion, which was especially appealing to me since all of my favorite classes in high school are discussion-oriented. Add on top of all that an uncanny resemblance to Hogwarts, and the University of Chicago seems rather perfect, does it not? And it is an amazing school—that was completely evident from today’s visit.

But I didn’t get “that feeling.”

I couldn’t imagine myself there, at the University of Chicago. I wanted to feel like it was the place for me because so much of its culture and characteristics appeal to me, but I didn’t. I was actually disappointed that I wasn’t feeling the way I wanted to, but in the end I am just grateful that I had the chance to learn a bit more about what it was that I had been unconsciously looking for in a college all along.

The rest of the day we spent eating dinner at Gibson’s Steakhouse with Callie. Dinner at Gibson’s felt much more relaxed than at Spaggia. That was nice just because it was more comfortable. The food was amazing as usual (Mr. Ramsey's taste in restaurants is impeccable.) I have never seen such large slices of cake in my life.

I can’t believe we are leaving Chicago tomorrow morning. I am still stuck in that strange warped time. Some parts of our stay in Chicago feel like they happened months ago. It is quite mind-boggling, maybe even a little bit overwhelming. All I can say is that I am so incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to come here as part of the Ivy League Connection. It’s been great, and we haven’t even “officially” started yet!

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  1. Teri,

    Your thoughts about being in a time warp seems prophetic. Your attempts to leave the midwest seem to have hit some sort of snag.

    I'm also curious about something else you wrote: "The rest of the day we spent eating dinner at Gibson’s". The rest of the day? Was this an allday/allnight eating experience?