Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye Chicago, Hello Ithaca!

Highlights of the day:
1. Touring the University of Chicago
2. Eating lunch on campus with real UChicago students
3. Purchasing a Chicago White Sox hat
4. Eating dinner with Callie Brown, the northern california admissions officer for UChicago
5. Seeing Jesse Jackson at dinner

1. Our tour of the University of Chicago was amazing. Our tour guide, Elin, showed us all of the nooks and crannies of the campus and told us a lot about UChicago's culture. We learned about Scav-Hunt, which is the largest scavenger hunt in the United States, and also toured the University's library, which is the largest library in the United States. Both were extremely impressive features and left great impressions about their student life and the amazing academic resources that they have to offer.

2. Lunch with the students was awesome. We ate on campus with three students (Lucy Peterson, Elin Meliska, and Cullen Seaton) who told us all of the in's and out's about their school. They answered all of our questions completely and honestly and made it perfectly clear that they did not want to leave the university. Cullen even stated that he was disappointed to even be half-way through his time there.

3. On the way back from UChicago we made a quick stop at a sports shop, just because I wanted a White Sox hat, and I purchased my very own Chicago White Sox hat. I look very good in it.

4. Dinner with Callie was great as well. The whole dinner felt very relaxed and I felt like I could ask her anything that was on my mind. She informed us that she personally chose UChicago because after her tour it just felt right to her. It felt like an enviornment that she could really immerse herself in and where she could greatly broaden her academic horizons. This piece of information resonated with me personally because that is exactly how I feel that a college should be chosen. Statistics and general information should definitely come into play, but if you don't feel at home at that certain campus, then you will never be happy there.

5. Seeing Jesse Jackson was insane!! I looked to my left and saw Ms. Neal flagging down some man, yelling "Mr. Jackson! Mr. Jackson!" and admittedly, I thought we were going to see Randy Jackson at first, but when Jesse Jackson turned around and shook our hands, it was like a piece of history had just reached out and touched us.

Overall, this experience in Chicago has been phenomenal and I can't believe that tomorrow it will come to a close. Ithaca is going to be great but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this great windy city. Every time I wear my hat, I am sure that will think back on these days and smile.

Goodbye Chicago, Hello Ithaca!

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