Monday, June 27, 2011

Definitely Not "Summer Camp"

There’s just something about Mondays.

Well actually, our first day as Hotelies was alright, especially considering this is probably the one night that we aren’t completely loaded with schoolwork. The class seems pretty intense and that’s not just referring to the hours we’re working. It’s going to be a big challenge; my advice to future ILC students, is to pick a program you’re really passionate about.

It’s so amazing that a lot of the students know so much about the hotel industry. This is class filled with remarkably talented people, a place where no one is afraid to ask questions. It tells me that I really have to step it up to have a shot at being successful here.

We definitely come from a huge variety of different backgrounds, and everyone has their own unique set of skills. This one kid I sat near was a wizard with Excel. I’ve always been a fan of the calculator, and never imagined how easily Excel could calculate, formulate, organize, and input data equations all at once with a click of a button.

There is just so much I have to learn and so much potential for learning in this environment. Mark and Reneta McCarthy are incredibly engaging professors, and students hang on to their every word. Plus, the to-do list is never-ending, so I know I’ll never be bored taking the Hotel Operations and Management course.

I was not expecting that I would enjoy office hours so much. It’s really more like a place for after-class studying in the company of your peers. There are still assignments to complete and reading to be done, but in good company, time passes quickly, and I never feel like I’m going it alone. The resources and outside insight available will be a big help, and of course, eighty three minds are better than one.

Well, it is that time. Midnight is my cue to study for the first quiz tomorrow on calculating ADR and RevPAR (definitely some new words to add to my vocabulary) in relation to occupancy, and start prepping for that presentation on Interstate Hotels & Resorts, a corporation I know next to nothing about. But, I told my group mates that I was willing to learn. By the way, they are an awesome, hilarious group of people, and I cannot wait for all our adventures.

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  1. Kelly,

    As we told you from the very beginning, this is a tough course that will test your resolve at every turn. You may not have believed us these past six months but maybe now you're starting to believe. From what you're writing it seems that he skills we told you earlier that you needed you're realizing that you really need. In your mind, wouldn't you rather it have been that other girl writing in her blog about your Excel skills?

    You're going in with the right attitude, though. You're smart and you're capable and there's no reason why you shouldn't shine in this course.

    At the end of the day, though. after you've aced this course, try to have some fun.

    We said from even before the beginning that this wouldn't be 'college camp'. You know what's kind of funny is that in today's newspaper we had a local citizen that wrote that all of you were just attending a 'summer program' like you spend your days in arts and crafts and spend your evenings around the campfire singing Kumbaya and making s'mores. If I had an email address for the guy I asked you all to email him and set him straight.

    Hang in there, Kelly.