Friday, June 3, 2011

Library Conversations

Honestly, there is not much to report about last night's Orientation. I felt that the whole evening went very smoothly, aside from one late-comer who Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg promptly made an example out of... fortunately, I was not that person, so my night went just swimmingly.

The Orientation began with a few speakers who gave us some generalizations about what we would experience in our summer programs. We learned that Cornell, when compared to other Ivys, is fairly laid back about rules and restrictions, and that we Freedom and Justice'ers apparently have much more free-time than our Hotel Management cohorts do (sorry guys). However, this information was a bit difficult for me to attain, because from where I was sitting, there just so happened to be a large pillar blocking my view of whoever was speaking. Nothing like reading a sign that says, "NO TALKING IN THE LIBRARY" while listening to a man who indeed is talking somewhere on the other side of that sign.
Overall though, the night went very well. We received our itineraries for our trip and learned just about everything that we could possibly want to know in order to prepare ourselves for our journey. It is amazing how thorough the ILC is. This may have been the last time that my cohorts and I will have met before our trip, but that just makes the experience more real. It shows that this experience is not too far away now, and our trip to Cornell will soon be a reality.

Also! There was a publisher who came and spoke about possibly working with the ILC and publishing some high schooler's works. I would just like to announce, that I am now planning to become a published author. I will be available for book signings at any time.


  1. The thought of you or any other ILCer being published would be amazing.
    I'll be first in line to buy a copy and of course get a signature too.

  2. Joe,

    Since you've seen Mr. Ramsey time and time again, do you really think you missed out by just listening and not seeing him? It's not like he had the personal aura of a speaker such as myself. ☺