Friday, June 3, 2011

The Acquiring Of Itineraries And Umbrellas- If Needed

Last night every single ILC cohort and I, plus at least one parent, hurried into my school library at El Cerrito High to take a seat by 6:30 - or face dire circumstances. Fortunately, we were all punctual and got to skip the horror stories for the time being.

After introductions of groups and chaperones, we got down to serious business. Each of us were about to undertake a monumental experience this summer, and had to become prepared. Don with all his handy equipment and loaner items were there as well to help us if needed. Another part of the initial meeting that interested me was when an "ILC Press" was mentioned. I really relished the idea of publishing works of my peers and I.

Eventually we broke into rooms as collegiate groups to go over our schedules for the first few days after we embark to our separate parts of the other side of the country. To see actual flight times, seat numbers, and booked hotels sent a thrill through me. At times, it is still hard to realize we truly are going to New York in just a few more weeks! Yet with this concrete evidence before me, there was no way I could doubt it.

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  1. Genevieve,

    I'm reading blog after blog and the thrill of the ILC Press seems to be the hot topic from the night.

    I went way out of my way to bring samples of the loaner items to show each of you and I barely get a mention and even then it was only from a few of our ILCers. My feelings are hurt. ☹ Boo hoo.

    When I ask you all to blog you collectively make it out as if I've put a gun to your head to force you to do something abhorrent. Yet when the ILC Press is mentioned you all leap from your seats as if this is a rare opportunity.

    I just don't know, Genevieve. I just don't know.