Saturday, July 16, 2011

Never Say Never

Today (or well, yesterday) was the last day for school.  Yes, the last day.  After that, all was done, finished, it is all over.

I do not know exactly how to feel right now except that I am smiling a lot for no real reason at all.  That's rather strange isn't it?  I would hope that I am smiling about the past few weeks - the places I have been, the things I have done, and the people I have met.

Today, Mark and Reneta wrapped the class up in a nice little bow for all of us with an inspirational lecture about our futures, pretty much telling us to stay on top of our game.  It was a good gesture, especially since the stressful group reports were due at 1 PM that day as well.

So for the last time, I worked as part of my group at the Binenkorp Computer Lab.  We were all stressed out from the past few days of work and there were a few arguments scattered here and there throughout our work time.  Nonetheless, we finished our work, complete and as close to perfect as we could possibly make it, and we turned it in.

Other highlights of the day included bowling with our TA, Gorka, who I have grown to appreciate a lot over the last few weeks.  This led to our attending the talent show, where my friend Leo played a piano duet with our classmate Chris.  Afterwards, Gorka came down to our dorm to say goodbye to us.

Something that has wildly occurred to me today amongst all the goodbyes and the general sadness of the situation is a very simple thing.  I realize that despite the low chances of any of us meeting again, it is not impossible.  For example, my roommate will be in our area soon and we will spend some time together.  Other meet-ups like these are occurring all over the country at this point.

I guess the point is that there is not a point to saying things will not happen.  Because that is extremely far from true.  Just being a part of this program proves that you cannot really say "never say never," and I hope everyone, from doners to students, understand how important this kind of experience really is to a young person.

Maybe I will not see these people again, or do things like these again.  But then, maybe I will.  Being absolute about it makes it seem so boring, does it not?

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