Friday, May 13, 2011

A Night to Forget

As odd as it sounds, Wednesday night was truly one to forget. With my AP exam looming for the morning after, it was a week filled with stress, anxiety, and worry. However, once we settled in our seats at Town Hall for our Cornell alumni dinner, it was as if I didn't even know what AP stood for.

As I am sure many of my cohorts will tell you, May 11 was the night we would converge with the Cornell alumni so that we could make connections with them. After wise words from the guest speakers, we experienced a wonderful three-course meal that was funded by the same sponsors who continue to help fund every portion of the program.

Throughout the night, I sat with Jobel, Terilyn, and their parents. At our table were also Emily Wyffels and Jesus Verduzco ~ Cornell alumni. It was rather interesting to learn that both of them graduated with an Engineering degree but have yet to use it. It was quite reassuring to realize that while so many students in my school have already made solid plans for their future from their college all the way to their career, being indecisive is not a flaw, but a human quality.
As we mingled with the two alumni, it was quick to learn that they simply “cut to the chase” of typical college inquiries. We were able to “dig down” and learn about their college life and how college society works. From the emotional struggles that will be experienced in one's first year to how and when to rent an apartment off of campus, valuable knowledge was gained from the minds only alumni could bring. It was rather thrilling to hear of the student traditions on campus that college officials would obviously never reveal such as an annual Slope Day celebration and an event where the architecture students would build and burn a huge phoenix and dragon.

Because the night was filled with excitement, enlightening words, and exquisite food, it truly makes it a night to remember as well.

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  1. Kevin,

    You hit the nail right on the head. One of the reasons we put you together with the alums is that they are a wealth of information for you that you might never get from other sources. We can read about a school til we're blue in the face but getting the inside scoop has to come from people who have lived the experiences for themselves.