Thursday, May 12, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

The 2011 Cornell cohort of The Ivy League Connection joined with ten local Cornell alums who were able to share with them the vast knowledge they've accumulated about attending Cornell.

Whether it was learning from the youngster Rachel Reichenbach ('10) or the 'youngest' alum in the room Irma Anderson ('55), our young Cornellians were soaking it all in.

Although Bill Vederman ('63) and Peter Lee ('63) were classmates, one was able to tell our cohorts about the excellent engineering program at Cornell while the other was singing the praises of the Hotel Management program.  Both seemed convinced that their programs were the real shining stars at Cornell.

Then there was triple major Doug Mitarotonda who finally shed his shy inhibitions and regaled his tablemates of the ins and outs of making the Cornell experience one for the ages.

While the interaction of the young and old were of great value and the main purpose of this gathering, the fine food served at Town Hall didn't hurt.  Fine food, good company and a common bond and purpose made for a fine evening and a grand event.

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