Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogging and Picnicking in Hercules

Aside from a shaft of light coming through a small window, the meeting room in the Hercules Public Library where the Ivy League Connection blog tutorial was taking place was bereft of any light other than the glow of multiple computer screens. Sounds were limited to typing, a few whispers, and Don’s lecturing voice- but only after a serenade to my cohort Taylor Doty with everyone singing her happy birthday!

Our tutorial agenda included the following headings: Blogging 101, Photography and This And That. We covered most everything you could imagine about blogging, from simple formatting rules and tips to spicing up our posts by adding graphics. I found most of this information review as I am fairly comfortable with using computers, but Don's expertise on photography was good insight as well as what is necessary on manipulating photos.

The rest of the time was spent with a brushing-up of ILC responsibilities, future dinner obligations, and looking ahead to all of our respective trips this summer. Kelly pretty much sums up my fellow Cornellians and my enjoyable jaunt in the park afterwards. This fun get-together certainly was a sign of many good times to come.

I also wanted to add a small note about the information session I attended on Chicago University at El Cerrito High, hosted by Callie Brown. It was nice to have a chance to meet her before this summer, and I look forward to being able to ask her more questions about the wonderful information she provided us about Chicago University!

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  1. Genevieve,

    When you mentioned the lack of light in the room I was kind of hoping you might mention the bright aura coming from my sunny personality. No? Oh well...

    Even though the tutorial was a structured event with a focus on specific topics, it was also a chance for you all to gather informally and get to know each other. Even though this opened the door for you all, you took it a step further by meeting in the park. This was very important and I'm guessing it will prove to be invaluable.

    Unfortunately, with events like this tutorial, we have to assume that everyone came in totally ignorant of the things to be discussed. We knew coming in that some of you were better informed than others but due to problems experienced in previous years we knew that we had to assume total ignorance and pass on to you some of the things we needed you to know. We've heard from a couple of attendees in the blogs and elsewhere about how this was either a review session for them or almost a total waste yet we're still finding more than 40 errors in the first 11 blogs. This suggests that not only was the tutorial necessary but that some of the information didn't sink in. At least we now have a foundation to start with.