Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everything Seemed Far Away

The transition back to life at home felt much easier than I thought it would feel, and honestly, this isn't what I want to be feeling.

While I was at Cornell, I obviously didn't look forward to missing the place, the people, and the class when I got home. I didn't look forward to having a difficult time adjusting back to life without Hotel Management and Operations class. But struggling seems better than what I am doing now, which is adjusting perfectly.

Yesterday I walked to the same spot I was at on the day I left for Chicago. It felt like everything that happened since that day I left had floated away to somewhere very far. It was easy to remember the day I left and it is easy to be aware of being here at home, but it isn't easy to remember being at Cornell. Well, no, that's not completely true.

It surprises me how clearly I can imagine walking to class and walking towards the second floor Donlon bathroom and climbing the steps up to the third floor of RPCC for breakfast. These memories are all very clear and very accessible in my mind, but they still seem extremely distant.

The day I arrived back in California, I was surprised at the airport by four of my friends who had decided to come see me. My parents and my sister had brought my puppy Basil, who went crazy upon being held by me. When I arrived home, there was a huge colorful poster hanging on the stairway banister that said "Welcome Home and Happy 17th Birthday!" and a pretty homemade cake sitting on the table in front of it. It was touching and I was glad to be home, but already I had started to feel the distance between myself and Cornell.

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