Saturday, June 4, 2011

Orientation: The Countdown Begins

Not that the count down to the end of my junior year isn’t exciting enough, but the count down to the end of my junior year and my Cornell trip (together) definitely take the cake. After Thursday night’s extremely informational orientation about the trip I leave for on June 21, I ran (drove) home to make a count down list. T minus 17 (days) and counting.

Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Mr. Rhea and Don did an amazing job telling the 35 ILC rookies what their responsibilities to the school district are along with what an amazing opportunity this will be for us to see what the real world is like. The amount of time and dedication the three ILC leaders put into our trips continues to amaze me. When I listened to all of them talk about the program it really stuck me that these people are giving me the opportunity of a life time; an opportunity to show the world who I am as a person and not as a test score or application. As honored as I felt after being accepted into this program, I felt even more honored leaving the ECHS library after spending the evening with these three amazing leaders and 34 other outstanding students.

The orientation began promptly, and I mean promptly, at 6:30. Mr. Ramsey opened out the meeting by thanking everyone for coming out and with a brief run down of the agenda. Next Ms. Kronenbreg introduced all the chaperones along with the students under their supervision. After all of us stood up, we were sent out to various classrooms to meet with our chaperones and family members. There we were given our itineraries, which included, to my surprise, our seat assignments for our various flights. I was happy to see that I get to sit next to Genevieve my soccer buddy.

After all the itineraries were passed out and all the papers signed, we met back with all the other groups in the library to conclude the evening. I cannot express how gratefully I am that the ILC picked me.

Itinerary ~ check. 
Forms signed ~ check.
Packing list ~ check.
Asked Don for extension cord ~ check.
Extremely excited to attend Cornell ~ check.
Cornell Summer College 2011 ~ I can’t wait


  1. Just think,this year’s ILC Orientation was a lot better than the first year I chaperoned students to Cornell.
    The EVOLUTION of ILC: Pre-ILC: The "New EC" was not complete yet. We hosted the orientation in a portables building and the group was much smaller.
    I am still amazed at the how great the orientation went this year.
    Current-ILC: The students and parents sit comfortably in a “New Building” and it’s a lot more students. The best part of it all is that students and parents were on time and extremely excited with great questions, promptly at 6:28pm.
    Not to mention the information at the "ILC Press" WOW!

  2. Taylor,

    Your chaperone pretty much sugar coated that orientation two years ago that she attended. The portables weren't all that bad as long as we all kept in mind that the new ECHS was just a few feet away.

    The topper for that orientation, though, was that several of our cohorts were SERIOUSLY late. We had about 75 people waiting for nearly a half hour while these youngsters took their time getting there.

    All of the offending cohorts were given an option to write letters of apology or make alternative plans for their summers.

    We tell every one of our ILC applicants that we're constantly evolving our program and this incident demanded that we make changes that you all have felt too many times when we've had to issue veiled threats about being on time. The threats may have been veiled but the end result would have been very real.

    We're all good now.