Friday, June 17, 2011

A Fun And Informative Night In El Cerrito

On Wednesday night, five of my ILC cohorts and I headed to the beautiful El Cerrito High School Theater to attend an info session about Northwestern University. An info session for Northwestern, of all schools, may seem a bit random to some of our readers, what with us going to Cornell and all. However, luckily for my fellow ILCers and me we will have the great privilege of stopping in Chicago for a few days to tour prestigious schools such as Northwestern and University of Chicago, thanks to the ILC.

The information was both entertaining and informative, and actually was able to pique my interest in Northwestern, a school I originally knew almost nothing about. The school’s overall fun loving nature really appealed to me, and many of the programs within the school seemed spectacular as well. I have always been interested in math and science, so naturally, I am leaning towards some sort of engineering major, and Northwestern’s engineering school, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, fascinated me. I found it very interesting that this engineering school actually had students help businesses with their real-life problems, which seems like it would be great work experience.

After talking to alumni from Northwestern about can’t miss locations at the school, my fellow El Cerrito ILCers and I headed over to Nation’s for a study session of sorts in preparation for the Freedom and Justice class we will be taking. In preparation for the course, we have been reading Plato’s Republic and Princeton Readings in Political Thought. It has been great getting to hear this group’s brilliant takes on everyone from Plato to MLK Jr. to John Locke, and I feel fully equipped to take on this course in a few days.

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  1. Well done, Nick.

    You did a nice segue from learning new things about a great school to getting together with your cohorts to hunker down in a study session. I hope you had a nice piece of pie while at Nations. That's always a treat for me.